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Kyela Envirocare and Cultural Tourism (EnviCulture) is a Registered Non-Governmental Organization, registered on December 13, 2006, reg.#11NGO/1852.


EnviCulture was founded by Newton Weston, a native of Kyela, who, among other activities, has been in the tourism industry since 1995: as an employee of a tour company Ker and Downey, Mashado,Kibo Safaris, as a freelance tour guide worked with Nomad Guides,George Mavrudis and later on as the founder of a tour company, Newton Safaris.


EnviCulture was formed with the desire to expose to the outside world the virgin land of Kyela, both for tourism purposes, as well as to guarantee its conservation by Eco tourism enriching the village livelihoods with profit making lives from the natural resources around them. EnviCulture has as an underlying principle that these two goals are inseparable.



To increase income by 60% to villagers by 2025 through improved environmental, cultural and Eco tourism activities.



To strengthen the capacity of the community livelihoods through Environmental Conservation, Cultural Tourism, gender mainstreaming, HIV Aids awareness and economic development.



  1. Introduce and implement the concepts of Environmental Conservation and Cultural Tourism to the community for profit making lives.
  2. Make Environmental Conservation and Cultural Tourism profitable in the community.



  1. To build a framework that will enable people to use the local human and natural resources to make the transformation from economic dependence to economic growth using banana plantations,bamboos etc as raw materials,which are within everybody's reach
  2. To encourage participation of tourists within local communities through Cultural Tourism, with the aim of profit making and alleviating poverty. 
  3. To apply participatory theater,Memes in Cultural Tours, exhibitions, festivals (e.g. visual Arts & Crafts sales) trade fairs, and cultural events (e.g. Traditional Dances),organized by the villages with an emphasis on environmental conservation and Eco tourism.


EnviCulture is working hand in hand with:-

      1.KYENGONET(Kyela district NGOs Network)

      2.MBENGONET(Mbeya region NGOs Network)

      3.TACOSODE(Tanzania Council for Social Development a National NGOs forum)





EnviCulture Profile
We work on Environmental Conservation and Cultural Tourism taking care of Youths,women,disabled,orphans and those living in difficult situation like alcoholics,drug addicts etc.
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