These are mats made by women from banana plants.


EnviCulture trains local tour guides to guide clients to Kyela’s attractions and the villages en route. It is our belief that tourists should be hosted by the people living near the attractions for their own financial sustainability.

Tree Planting

One of our main Environmental Conservation projects is tree planting. This involves the preparation of nurseries as well as the planting itself. In towns, we plant in open spaces and streets for shade and decoration. In villages, we plant both for firewood for the use of village families, as well as to replace the trees that have already been cut to produce charcoal. This project is in accordance with the Tanzanian government’s target of planting 1,500,000 trees/year in every district throughout the country.

Arts & Crafts

EnviCulture encourages its members to use the resources surrounding them to create art-pieces for sale. Products include hats, mats woven from banana leaves, wood carvings, desk accessories made from bamboo and hand made clay sculptures. This work is intended to revive their creativity and transform them from financial dependence to profit making. It also has the effect of keeping residents (including youth) occupied and away from destructive activities (drugs, alcohol and sex abuse). EnviCulture markets the finished products. 

Drama Group

The group was formed with the aim of awareness creation to the public on Cultural Tourism and Environmental Conservation using visual arts like cultural dances,music and local songs sang individually or in groups.. The participants are members of the local community. The group travels to various villages in Kyela to give presentations creating awareness to the livelihoods. We intend to develop the group to the point of creating audio cassettes, video cassettes and DVDs, for income-generating purposes alleviating poverty.

These are tourists watching hot water flowing from within a rock which is just sensational.The water temperature goes as far as 100 degrees centigrade.The place is called The Kilambo hot springs.

This is our  tree nursery,to supply trees to be planted in human settlements,institutions like schools,churches,mosques as an afforestation within the Kyela district.Tree planting is one of the mitigation steps towards,environmental conservation in Kyela  Mbeya Tanzania,working on climate change

these are our nurseries

This is pottery in Ikombe and Lyulilo where there was a time the government built a building in IKombe which was a working investment