Kyela District Profile

Kyela is one of Mbeya Region’s seven districts. Kyela District Council was re-established in 1984 after a series of events that led to the enacting of the Local Governments Act No. 7 (District Authorities) of 1982. It is one of the 8 Councils in Mbeya Region (7 District Councils and 1 Municipal Council).



Kyela District is located in Mbeya Region’s southern end. Mbeya itself is located in southwestern Tanzania. Kyela borders with Lake Nyasa and the republic of Malawi.  



Kyela has a hot climate with mean temperatures of 23 oC. Lying in the flood plains of Lake Nyasa it receives seasonal heavy rains, with the heaviest rainfalls usually occuring between March and May.


Vegetation and Environment

The natural vegetation is tropical Savannah forest and grasslands with lagoon vegetation on the swamps and river mouths to the lakes.



Kyela District has a total population of 174,470: 47.7% (83,342) male and 52.3% (91,128) female.