-          Ngonga Beach Hotel has opened and offers amazing views of Lake Nyasa as well as beautifully finished rooms and bar area.


      -          Songwe Airport in Mbeya has opened. It receives regular landings and take-offs to Dar Es Salaam with the new cheap airline ‘Fast Jet’.


-On Wednesday 13th, we went to the border of Malawi and Tanzania and were involved in a Tree Planting activity.


On 18th Aug 2017 there will be an opening of Visual arts and arts and crafts exhibition and competition in the Mwakangale stadium in Kyela Mbeya Tanzania.The exhibition will go on until 20th August 2017.There will be cultural dances,music,songs and many more including pottery,tinsmith,drawings,sculpture,cultural wear and foods,there will be things made from the banana plant,bamboo etc.You all are welcome.

On the 4th to 6th August 2017,there will be shows and competitions on cultural arts and crafts,dances,games including soccer for males and females and a lot more in the Mwakangale stadium which is in Kyela Mbeya Tanzania