EnviCulture  offers tours around both the Kyela District and the neighbouring Rungwe,Ileje,Mbozi District of Mbeya region.


Our guides are natives of Kyela, who have been trained by our organization to cater to clients’ needs. Our tours include visits to the beaches of Lake Nyasa,Mwalisi,Mwalalo,Kaporogwe rivers waterfalls, Kingili,Kisiba,Irambo crater lakes, The Livingstone mountains,Lake Nyasa,beaches among other geographical features and historical areas. There are also opportunities for bird watching and to see local Nyakyusa cultural dances,arts and crafts but also water sports and river rafting,mountaineering as well as walking safaris.


Each tour includes one or more major attractions as well as visits to nearby villages. The tour may be half day, full day, or overnight. Options for transportation are walking, cycling, motorcycle or car depending on the distance, and the client’s preference.


Tour costs will include a community development fee – a donation to selected villages near the tourist attractions and guiding and office administration expenses. The village fee is used for education, health, road construction, borehole construction, etc. Costs also include Guide fees, transportation, accommodation, food and drink. The fee above does not include extras – e.g. watching traditional dances (ngomas), visiting traditional healers, buying arts & crafts.