Kilambo hot springs

This is a place of scattered hot water springs situated approx. 5 km from Kyela township. Visitors can see the water bubble and flow from the rocks at boiling point. For generations, locals have used the water for its exceptional mineral content, especially calcium for curing skin diseases for both humans and animals.It is believed that people who saw that their lives had curses came there to bath into the water so as to remove the curses
Close to the hot springs there are two mountains named Mwambulo Junior and Senior which if climbed offer spectacular views of the surrounding area. The mountains are named after the man called Mwambulo by the Nyakyusa who is believed to have lived in the area during the 1920's as a German missionary and fled the country when Tanzania became a protectorate under the British. He left tunnels beneath the mountains where he hid his properties which are still there but despite people trying to find things buried by him, nobody has been successful.
Duration: half or full day, but also camping.this tour can be combined with a visit to Katago Forest depending on the needs of the client..


Hot water spring area
Hot water from a rock