Volunteer With Us !


We welcome volunteers from anywhere in the world who are interested in Cultural Tourism, Environmental Conservation, Poverty Alleviation, or related fields. Depending on their interests, volunteers may help with the development of tourist attractions, help in the preparation of nurseries and tree planting, assist with/ participate in our drama productions, participate in our cleanliness efforts, help with office work, or any other activity that suits their interests. Please contact for further information.



Why Volunteer with Kyela EnviCulture?


1.      Volunteers are given a unique opportunity to interact with local community members and children in the cultural exchange direct experiences.


2.      You will learn about the local cultures (there are more than 110 native languages in Tanzania), equality issues, poverty and HIV-Aids issues.


3.      Indulge yourself into the culture, eating local Tanzanian food and learning how to prepare and cook it.


4.      Help locals build better, stronger houses made from cement and bricks to move away from the traditional houses made from bamboo, mud, thatch with no electricity or running water.


5.      Offer assistance in the office with file organization and general efficiency.


6.      Volunteers will get the chance to visit local primary and secondary schools in the Kyela area which is an extremely rewarding experience.


What to expect?


  • The days normally start at 8 am and finish around 5pm with lots of breaks as you’ll be working hard. You will get a minimum of two free days per two week project so you can visit local attractions and explore nearby areas.
  • Projects are located in various settings, from city suburbs to the remote villages, and mountain ranges to coastal lake beaches. Volunteer teams range from 5 to about 25 people, depending on specific projects, plus one or more EnviCulture Project Leader. No prior experience or expertise is needed to participate in an EnviCulture volunteer projects.


Price Information:

Duration of Stay

Price per Person in USD ($)

2 weeks


4 weeks


7 weeks


12 weeks



  • 3 to 5 people traveling together everybody gets 5 % discount of the program fee
  • More than 5 people traveling together everybody gets 10% discount of the program fee
  • The minimum number of volunteers is 2 and the maximum is 10 at a group.

Price includes :

Price excludes :

Pre-arrival contact and advice

Residence Permit

Airport Transportation (both ways)

  • Visa: -
  • Tourist visa USD 50 (from USA and Ireland USD 100) If the visit is 3 months or less.
  • Working Visa USD 220 - If your volunteering period is more than 3 months you need to have this one.


Airline Tickets

3 Meals a day

Vaccinations and Insurance

3 Days Swahili language training and lessons about Tanzanian culture.


Daily transportation to the placements (walking, bicycle, motor bike) depending on distance to and from the project.





  1. 70% of voluntary work program fee goes to accommodation, food, water, electricity, and transportation to the placements, arrangements with the placements, airport transportation, security and orientation.
  2. 30% of the program fees goes to administration e.g. staff salaries, office expenses

There are no fixed departure and arrival dates but each team would agree on arrival and departure dates.



Your safety is our priority.  You'll be participating on tasks you may not be trained in, in a foreign speaking country, you may not have much international travel experience and therefore many questions about vaccinations and other safety concerns.






For more information please inquire at enviculture@gmail.com